A boat

I sprained my ankle today. Hahha biasanya kalo lagi sakit kepala gw jalan kemana2.

Just curious aja.. dulu pernah nemu quote dari majalah komputer.. a boat is beauty on the shore but it is made not for that.

Hihihi somehow .. me.. 70 % people, 20 % project management and 5% technical stuff. Others 5.. abis buat wasting time hura2.

Feels sucks.. not feeling alive, kemaren nemu bug yg di raise sampe keatas.. put me 2 days to figure it out. Never been happy like that hahaha.

Kadang2 lu cuma perlu sedikit dorongan buat dapet yg lu mau. Nobody will give it to you. Not your friend, parents, god etc. Just need to suck it up.. take or do what u want and zero fuck is given.

*yeaah* feels like 9 gag posting..


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