Socially tired

Kalo gw ini introvert kind of guy.. gw udah tau lah dari jaman gw kecil. Prefers play with computer and reading books all and that.

But somehow.. gw sadar gw kalo computing device mati, gw engga pegang buku apa2.. gw bisa talk and discuss with people too. Jadi itu lah yang gw lakuin sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu.

But seems like kayaknya udah engga mempan. Ada saat2 dimana gw feed up with people.. they with problem this and that, request about this and that. Hmmm.. kinda boring and I just seems little bit apa yah.. cupu..

Temen bilang mungkin tabungan social gw abis. Gw butuh alone dan recharge. But boy … my phone keep ringing, notification this and that.

i need to recharge my social balance fast. Any idea on how to do that?


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