on achievement

someone ask me about what is my achievement, my head start spinning and try to reclaim this and that. first thing in my mind is hey I have a patent !, err..somehow I am not proud of it, next how about with my published international paper, feels awkward, next my corporate position? nah, or hmm.. my been there, done that, gone here and there… hmmm.. seems that is something that someone with money can easily done that.

so . the real question is … what is an achievement? something you’re proud of? something that make you above and dominate others? something that can wow people?

or is it just I am toooo shy to reclaim all of my achievement? I dont think so, most everything happen not because of me, because there is interaction between people who cross path with me. let say with patent.. wont be happening if I would not have a perfectionist, crazy, technical snobby bos. ” I think this architecture will fly”,”nope, that is the most stupid thing I’ve seen”, “hmm.. let try to register this”. hahaha more like I just love to poke with bulldog.

the truth is .. I dont know. I am just a simple guy, who happen in love with complexity of technology and math, everything else seems trivial. several years a go I heard someone trying to relive low spectrum economy people, everyone talked about business growth, media campaign, social changes.. me.. I am more concerned with the scalability issue.

or is it something that is really personal with you? makes you gigles and cant wait to tell everybody else? I have a niece, who is happen to be very stuborn, self centric take it or leave it kind of girl. this little princess happen to have regular visit to in mall train ride. my dad told me that for several weeks she stop by the house first to check whether I’ve home or not. hahaha.

yes sir, I think I found my achievement.



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