introducing chaos

yeah right, so anyhow busway happy new year 2016 hope you bla bla bla.

what is my new years resolution. not really.. somehow I am not a believer in such bullshit. but the things I want to do right now is to introducing little bit chaos in my life.

been living somewhat bored steady happy life for the last 3 years now. little bit emotional problem with some work related or family one, but yet everything is under control. really2 under control.

my type of leadership at the moment is somewhat quite facist. I need to know every detail and every contact person my team has dealing with. and I stand in front everybody when someone try to argue my team member. it is good, I am happy, my team happy and our counterpart is happy, because they know who should be blame when things going in ashes.

but.. lets experiment now hahaha. I put my self a team member, I assign randomly someone every 2 weeks as a leader. he/she will do all the choir I’ve done and I am waiting for his/her instruction. the result.. chaos hahaha. my first attempt is that the ‘leader’ somewhat does not have the guts to command the team, quite painfull discussion with management as well.

this week is the second week of my experiement. little bit better but still not what I’ve expected to. I am stress out, and I took leadership overnight and finish all of it. then.. give to command stick to someone again.

dynamics always introduce chaos. but in those chaos there is hope for better efficiency, more power and modular team member.


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