On new life

31 january 2016 dan gw menjadi suami seseorang. Processnya rada2 mengejutkan dengan banyaknya adat2 yang dimasukan selama prosesi.. awalnya pengen se sederhana mungkin.

Having someone rely on you give you a new perspective yah. Can I make her happy? I dont know how to play music, hate poem and fiction, and gosh .. I dont know any of indonesian musician. Thinking about taking music lesson and start to create non technical article.

Haha gw mulai over worried lagi. Dibandingkan beberapa temen, gw mulai dengan start yg ga jelek2 banget. Ga numpang di rumah orang, independent and financially stable.

But things non material worries me..hell.. I’ve never being so scared like this.


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