exam vs reality

when everyone is talking about batman vs superman, and here I am, cramming for an exam that will cause me doom. hahaha ( villain voice).

for the last 6 months yah.. I am laying my eyes to another certification, I don’t know either I will took the PhD or not ( 4 years bo, plus still working ) so lets try so simpler solution.

as most of us do.. buy the big book, start start reading cover to cover again. last week I’ve finished the book, being doing this thing like 2 years too, so it is ok for the exam. register in the website, and got my appointed date for the exam. there is some cram exam can be bought just 5$, ok bought it then.

opening the first question.. I know this shit.. second.. third.. WTF dude. so eventually on the rough patch .. I got just around 30%. still need around 40-50% just to be passed.

but things just struck me, exam such as this, they test you for how broad your knowledge in the field. but on reality( real world, not academic) what matters is how deep your knowledge on the subject ( as I think of it yah), exam expose me to some weird stuff or expensive shit I can not bought, or some question has this ‘sponsored’ question asking certain product in the market. ¬†which .. by the help of uncle google I can solve it by knowing the right keyword.

In the end I am not saying certification is a flop, it still really a good way for advancing your knowledge, even good if you are starter in the field. but keep in mind it is not an ‘everything’ like most young pandawan these days ‘I’ve passed exam this and that in college’ .. I gave laptop.. prove it. and tears start flowing ( now this is exaggerate). keep open mind and keep moving forward.

meanwhile I try not to waste 600$ bucks. hahaha



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