On belajar dari nol

Tadinya gw ini tipikal yang mapping what employer need dan skill set yang gw punya. setelah beberapa lama, ini ok banget buat karir gw selama ini. sampai disatu titik… employer gw engga tau mau apa? tapi mereka merasa butuh gw. Jadi gw coba mapping2 lagi. hmm.. ini mulai abstrak, bukan fix some fuck up code, coder2 yang udah menghilang atau rejuvenate some very old but successful tech.

So here I am, feeling got paid big for doing nothing ( at least for the last 2 months). tapi .. tapi .. somehow gw baru sadar, mungkin selama ini otak gw itu tipikal tech banget. mulai dari programming language baru sampai teknologi big data terbaru. tapi masalah kompeni bukan soal teknologi. engineer yang jago banyak loh.

So I go with another approach. I come clean, blank my head, and wasting my time reinvent the wheel again. making the project becoming agile, the agile one such as this is stupid lets not doing this, not agile I am using tracker then I am agile.

The worst effect is I am so tired. doing some sports or fighting is not kick in anymore. but I found something else… physics !!. Somehow those books are really nice to read and to apply. the others is Calculus. after got three ( yes 3!) stars on my bachelor study, I find it is really interesting.

So my daily life:
– Hacking what ever for the company
– going home
– enjoy some physics or calculus.

oh yes, I am getting fatter again. shit. time to go swimming with my new knowledge of fluid.


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