On things that changes

Seems this will be the new normal. Something needs to be change then..

on communicating
Somehow I tends to see people face to face when discussing stuff. With my family as well. If I want to talk or say congratulations probably I decided to see in face. Send message only for asking if it is ok to come or not. But things has been changed. It’s quite dangerous to see my family right now because one most of the are medical practitioner and I don’t know who or what will infecting us. So it has to change, starting to write text ore often.

on Working
I tend to block my time. one block for meeting one block for coaching one block to tackle stuff on my own. But seems this has to be stop. I keep my communication channel all the time, with delay of 30 minutes for lunch. At first it is totally sucks!!, I can not focus at all, things dangling this and that but I can manage hopefully.

on Training
Can not go to the gym anymore, need to find a way to keep fit. shadow boxing is the way. Thanks to switch !!.

on family
Now it’s dining comes to us with package, and we try to serve it as best as we could. We buy coffee in litre too.

hey it’s temporary
No it is not, things never been the same anymore, just like when after world war II finish, everybody knows that family royalty needs out of the way. without the fork please.


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