on meta society

Dari PSBB ini gw belajar ada yang namanya essential dan non essential. Non essential biasanya di kick dan diputus kontrak, kalau engga dikasih kerjaan yang cukup buat 5-6 bulan aja. Gw sedih dengan hal ini, tapi pikir-pikir lagi kenapa ada yang memutuskan buat jadi non essential? sebenarnya bisa aja misalnya lu tuh non essential tapi karena skill cukup dan ga tipu2, di tengah pandemi ini beralih sebentar jadi essential.

Jadi ini beberapa yg gw pikir non essential di industry gw, beberapa gw pikir rada2 toxic:
1. Content creator : BIkin banner, copy paste sana sini, terus like and comment. Get a life dude.
2. Technical influencer: Yeah right, terakhir lu ngoding 10 taon yang lalu kali.
3. Agile Coach: Kalo entry point ke posisi lu cukup dengan teriak2 iterasi, scrum, kanban, retrospective.. haha.. lebih murah dari kartu prakerja.
4. Jual tutorial coding selangit: For God Sake!! lu cuma ambil dokumentasi scratch terus lu packing akuin itu karya lu, yeah right.
5. Orang yang nulis Ex-Samsung, Ex-Microsoft , ex-fortune 500:ga percaya diri sama skill sendiri, terus jadi jualan masa lalu.

Yah begitu lah.., One side I pity you all, but if took time learning during college, might not in this shitty situation. Adios!!

on being consistent

Kinda tough to be consistent lately. Days passed without you even noticing. Here are the things I tried to be consistent during WFH time:

  • sports: Forget it
  • Open Source stuff: still in phase learning on how people doing it, submit some PR rejected.
  • Games: still the only thing consistent.
  • Not watching news: Still watching it subconsciously.
  • Writing: yeah right.

any missing point?

On things that changes

Seems this will be the new normal. Something needs to be change then..

on communicating
Somehow I tends to see people face to face when discussing stuff. With my family as well. If I want to talk or say congratulations probably I decided to see in face. Send message only for asking if it is ok to come or not. But things has been changed. It’s quite dangerous to see my family right now because one most of the are medical practitioner and I don’t know who or what will infecting us. So it has to change, starting to write text ore often.

on Working
I tend to block my time. one block for meeting one block for coaching one block to tackle stuff on my own. But seems this has to be stop. I keep my communication channel all the time, with delay of 30 minutes for lunch. At first it is totally sucks!!, I can not focus at all, things dangling this and that but I can manage hopefully.

on Training
Can not go to the gym anymore, need to find a way to keep fit. shadow boxing is the way. Thanks to switch !!.

on family
Now it’s dining comes to us with package, and we try to serve it as best as we could. We buy coffee in litre too.

hey it’s temporary
No it is not, things never been the same anymore, just like when after world war II finish, everybody knows that family royalty needs out of the way. without the fork please.

on upgrade your ubuntu

  1. Create a backup of your server or vm.
  2. Upgrade all installed packages of Ubuntu version 18.04 by running sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade command.
  3. Reboot the Ubuntu Linux system by tying the sudo reboot command
  4. Install the Ubuntu update tool, run: sudo apt install update-manager-core
  5. Start the upgrade procdure, run: sudo do-release-upgrade
  6. Reboot the box, run: sudo reboot
  7. Verify upgrades