on personal fitness

for the last eight years I spent tons of money to the gym I never/ seldom goes to. I do not know exactly why I dont go to that place, position.. it is near my house, facilities .. nice yah, not so many ‘sotoy’ or ‘bulky’ guy goes there too.

Think again.. it is the boredom I got from that place. An hour running or swimming, then weight lifting.. oh .. what a brain dead exercises. You know other things brain dead stuff to do? go to the religious meet up, hear some illogical stories from an old book. Man..

Somehow, I need to do some stuff:

  1. Cardio stuff
  2. HIIT stuff

weight.. not so much, already strong.. haha, I thought I am gonna throw some dough to fitness game, boxing seems fun, or that switch ring stuff.



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